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ExchangeFileContents is a simple console program that replaces contents in files. The text to be exchanged can be transferred directly by text, hexadecimal sequence or it is in a file.

The call efc *.sh h:0D,0A h:0A -r -v -s swaps all CR LF the current directory in all files with the extension '.sh' to LF. And this, determined by the further parameters, recursively in all subdirectories with display of the changes and waits for confirmation in case of an error.
efc.exe "D:/THome/Tindex.html" "t:@@HtmlTitel@@" "t:GlobalObjects Startseite" "D:/GloHome/index.html" -v -s -f changes all character strings "@@HtmlTitel@@" in the file "D:/THome/Tindex.html" to the character string "GlobalObjects Startseite" and save the new content in the file "D:/GloHome/index.html". Shows how many changes have been made, waits for confirmation if an error occurs and overwrites an existing file if necessary.

Example for efc.exe "test.txt" "t:test" "t:rest" -v -s -f.

The current version ExchangeFileContents 1.0.6 is implemented in the C ++ programming language and has so far been used with:

ExchangeFileContents user guide (online)
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