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EuSetup is a simple installation program that evaluates an INI file for its actions.
EuSetup is based on copy and modify files.
The following functions are available via plugins:

It is possible to expand EuSetup by means of more plugins, e.g. to get files from a URL, or to unpack before, etc. For developers there is a template to develop own plugins.
What is to be done is determined from a text file (e.g., "setup.ini"). An alternative filename can be passed. It controls almost everything about this INI file; therefore the possible entries are explained in detail in an user guide.

The current version EuSetup 1.0.3 is implemented in the C ++ programming language and has so far been used with:

The GUI was realized with the C ++ library Qt.

EuSetup user guide (online)
Download EuSetup